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      AFRICA’s MEGA Infrastructure Project – The Trans-African Highways – traversing the continent, was conceived over 40 years ago by the #AfricanDevelopmentBank (AfDB), and the African Union (#AU), in collaboration with regional international communities. It is now on track to connect all corners of #Africa, with majority completion in #2024. This ambitious initiative, first proposed in 1971, aims to enhance internal trade on the #continent by establishing nine roads that link major cities across #Africa, collectively measuring nearly 60,000 kilometers.



      While progress has been gradual, the completion of this project is poised to herald a new era for intra-African trade. Notably, one of the nine planned roads, the 4,400-kilometer Trans-Sahelian Highway, spanning seven countries and connecting #Dakar#Senegal, to #Ndjamena, Chad, is already complete. Although more than half of the network has been paved, ongoing maintenance remains a concern. However, the other eight highways are making steady progress, with the expectation that three of them will be completed soon.



      The Trans-African Highways project represents a significant infrastructure development effort, seeking to facilitate transportation and connectivity across the continent. Upon completion, these highways are poised to play a crucial role in fostering #economic integration, #trade, and regional development across Africa.




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