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Curlz’n Fro


A beauty and lifestyle event for advanced beauty professionals and budding beauty professionals who want to stay up-to-date on frizz and curly hair, dark skin, make-up, Afro culture.


7 April, at the van der Valk in Amsterdam.


Keep an eye on the Curlz’nfro instagram page.

'Life is sweet'




I provide training to beauticians, who want to upgrade their knowledge on coloured skin


skin and product recommendations

Body treatments

Acne, hyperpigmentation, facial hair (waxing, laser hairremoval)

Facial treatments

Acne, hyperpigmentation, facial hair (waxing, laser hairremoval)

About me

Saskia Pinas

Business owner, skintherapist, beautician, coach beauty professionals

Woman of Colour:


As a woman of color, I don’t know myself other than that I have always loved my dark color. I have always loved my dark skin as a young girl, later as a young woman and now as an adult woman. 


Bleaching my skin has never been an option, even when my skin was covered in dark pigmentation spots from acne, many inflamed hair follicles. Wanting to be accepted by the outside world because of a lighter skin tone.  I believe that self-acceptance starts with how you look at yourself and not how the outside world looks at you and attaches a value judgment to it, which is not in line with your intrinsic value. 


As a young girl, I always suffered from various skin problems. That made me insecure, but at the same time that was also my strength. Accepting how I am, learning to deal with it and accept my imperfections, gave me the insights I needed to help others with their skin needs.


Passion for skin of color:


Gradually, I developed a passion for skin and an even greater passion for coloured skin. 


I came to realize that so many good and beautiful things about coloured skin are deliberately left untold. Over the years, I have increasingly immersed myself in what coloured skin is today and how to provide people with coloured skin with the best possible skin, product advice and skin treatment from my profession as a skin therapist and beautician, without permanently damaging their gifted color.


Passion & Mission:


My passion and mission don’t stop at helping people of color but reach further. To motivate, inspire girls and boys, young adults of color to start their own (beauty) businesses. I see having your own business, regardless of your ethnicity, as a way of maintaining your independence, using your talents, gifts in the right way, and fulfilling your life’s mission. For the black community, I also see it as a way to repair damage, regain self-respect and confidence. Building a future where children, young people, the elderly can live in good health, happiness and safety. 


Who is….

Saskia Pinas, ma, Sas that is how I am called in daily life by my loved ones, acquaintances, clients. I am a mother of a young adult son, have a partner, owner of 3 enterprises, one of which is with a business partner. All enterprises are focused on the needs of people of color. I was born in Suriname, and have lived in the Netherlands since the age of four.




www.makura.com (coming soon)

Li: https://nl.linkedin.com/in/saskiapinasgespecialiseerdindedonkerehuid/nl


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