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      The global

      distribution of








      Examining the global distribution of wealth by region reveals insights into the economic maturity of different areas. As economies progress, a higher proportion of adults tend to possess greater #wealth. This phenomenon is often accompanied by increased incomes, driven by flourishing corporate profitability, which, in turn, alters the distribution of earnings.


      The graphic illustrates the percentage of adults across various global regions categorized by their wealth range, utilizing data sourced from UBS. Notably, #NorthAmerica and #Europe, representing advanced economies, dominate the “over $1 million” wealth range. China, undergoing a transition to a more service-oriented economy, accounts for a substantial portion of individuals within the $10K to $1 million wealth range. Meanwhile, #emergingmarkets like #India contribute to larger shares in the lower two wealth ranges.


      For #Africa, the data paints a telling picture. The continent’s wealth distribution is reflective of specific challenges and opportunities. Overall, global wealth inequality has seen an increase both within and between countries since the 1980s. However, it is noteworthy that global median wealth has experienced a fivefold increase since 2000, propelled significantly by #China’s economic expansion, which has elevated the global median wealth level.


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