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      The African Monetarist
      Lagos, Nigeria

      Africa’s commercial

      history – Some of

      the oldest

      companies still in

      BUSINESS today.








      Noteworthy: In delving into Africa’s commercial history, the above image underscores the oldest and most enduring enterprises on the #African continent still in operation in 2024. Within the top ranks of this historic enterprises, postal services play a pivotal role, reflecting the foundational importance of a robust postal infrastructure across the expansive African landscape.


      Foremost among these time-honored institutions is Mauritius Post, which commenced operations in 1772. Originating with a modest cadre of eight messengers, the postal service gradually expanded its reach, establishing rural post offices in 1790. An enduring testament to its longevity, Mauritius Post has persevered for over two centuries.


      Similarly, #Namibia established its postal services in 1814, marking the inception of NamPost. This important institution has consistently managed the postal needs of #Namibia for more than two centuries, showcasing the enduring nature of its operational resilience.


      In addition to postal services, the longevity of businesses engaged in food production and #exports underscores the significance of this sector in the economic landscape of Africa. Premier FMCG, a #SouthAfrican food manufacturer, traces its origins back to 1820, when a humble bakery laid the foundation for what would become a prominent player in the South African food industry. Over the course of its extensive history, Premier FMCG has acquired ownership of well-known South African food brands, including Blue Ribbon and Lil-lets, attesting to the enduring legacy of its presence in the sector.


      These old enterprises stand as living chronicles of Africa’s commercial history, embodying resilience, adaptation, and continuity in the face of dynamic economic and societal changes over the centuries.




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