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      The African Monetarist
      Lagos, Nigeria

      60% of the world’s

      arable LAND is in

      AFRICA with

      potential revenue

      of BILLIONS:








      Africa stands as a significant global player in agriculture, possessing an impressive 60% of the world’s arable land, promising substantial revenue potential. Despite this abundance, the continent grapples with the paradox of being a net food importer, revealing a disparity in aligning #agricultural production with the demands of its burgeoning population. Over the past three decades, #Africa has witnessed a twofold increase in its overall population and a threefold surge in urban areas, presenting challenges to agricultural #productivity and #foodsecurity. Notably, Africa stands as the sole continent where the total number of undernourished individuals has risen over the same period.


      Looking forward to 2050, with a projected population of 2 billion, agriculture emerges as the linchpin for feeding this growing populace. The imperative for agricultural transformation goes beyond mere sustenance, extending to the establishment of social cohesion, facilitation of continental trade, creation of platforms for global exports, and, critically, the generation of millions of jobs to uplift subsistence farmers from poverty.


      The envisioned transformation of Africa’s agriculture operates on three foundational levels: the farmer, the market, and the cluster. Addressing challenges and fostering development at these interconnected levels is deemed essential for meaningful progress on the continent.


      Some noteworthy facts underscore the significance of #agriculture in Africa: 60% of the continent’s population is engaged in agriculture, contributing to an industry with an export value of approximately USD$52 billion. This underscores the pivotal role of food exports in the economic dynamics of #African nations. Additionally, with 60% of the world’s remaining uncultivated arable land situated in Africa, the continent holds the potential to evolve into a global breadbasket in the near future.


      This potential is further magnified under the African Continental Free Trade Area (#AfCFTA), where limitless opportunities for agricultural development promise not only economic growth but also the realization of Africa’s agricultural prowess on the global stage. The transformative journey towards establishing Africa as a premier hub in global food production requires strategic interventions at various levels of the agricultural value chain, with the ultimate goal of unlocking the continent’s agricultural potential and positioning it as an influential force in the global agricultural landscape.



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