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      The African Monetarist
      Lagos, Nigeria

      Perception is NOT

      Reality: Is Africa

      truly a risky








      Perception is NOT Reality: Is Africa truly a risky investment? Akinwumi Adesina, the esteemed leader of the African Development Bank, widely recognized as an advocate for Africa’s renaissance, underscores the imperative of grounding perspectives in empirical evidence rather than mere assertions.


      Adesina asserts, “We aspire to attract investors from across the globe, contingent upon the establishment of an apt governance infrastructure and incentivization mechanisms. It is incumbent upon stakeholders to place reliance not solely on subjective discourse but rather on empirical findings.”


      An analysis conducted by Bloomberg spanning 14 years scrutinized global infrastructure default rates, revealing Africa’s exceptionally low default rate of 1.9%, a figure unparalleled on a global scale. By contrast, Eastern Europe records a default rate surpassing 10%, while Asia registers a figure exceeding 8%.


      “In our concerted efforts to foster an investment-friendly climate within Africa, we endeavor to provide a conducive environment akin to a meticulously prepared landing strip, ensuring a smooth influx of capital.”



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