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      The Future of Music: Co-own

      music with artists! Investing

      in artists! Sharing in their








      Nas is offering the streaming rights to two of his songs through ROYAL.IO/.


      This will allow holders, fans or the public to own a portion of the publishing rights or ‘limited digital assets’ for ‘Ultra Black’ from the Grammy Award winning-album ‘King’s Disease‘; and, ‘Rare‘ a single from the 2022 Grammy Award-nominated album, King’s Disease II


      How it works:


      While the first model of the internet was built on information exchange, web3 is forged on ownership. Blockchain technology و NFTs currently empower musicians and artists to interact with their fans in innovative ways — particularly through ownership of music rights, and in decentralizing the music industry.


      For Nas x Royal: NFT and insight click on the above image.


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