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      It’s Not a Rap

      Beef. It’s a

      profound cultural





      The rivalry between Drake and Kendrick Lamar has transcended mere rap music alone – driving debates, and plenty of news. Lamar has demonstrated an even deeper level of strategic prowess than previously thought, evident in the rapid-fire lyrics of “Euphoria,” “Not Like Us,” and “Meet The Grahams,” e.t.c.


      Lamar’s allegories addresses themes encompassing culture, notions of truth, capitalism, civil liberties, and the ethical considerations and choices surrounding the values we endorse and reward.





      Kendrick VS Drake: ALL DISS TRACKS PLAYLIST- Not Like Us, J. Cole, Future, Rick Ross, Metro Boomin. Listen Below:


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      The Nubian
      London, England, United Kingdom

      @Charlotte Drake’s cultural identity is once again subject to scrutiny!


      While his bi-racial background may be off-topic, allegations persist that he adopts Black cultural elements as a costume, purportedly appropriating styles and sounds from other rap artists and musicians. 


      This ongoing narrative posits Drake as a transient figure within the rap community, accused of exploiting relationships with other artists to mimic their creative output for his own commercial gain. Notable voices within the industry, such as Earl Sweatshirt, Rick Ross, and Pusha T, have articulated these concerns, branding Drake as a “culture vulture” over an extended period. 


      This characterization depicts Drake’s engagement with hip-hop as akin to “cultural tourism,” wherein he selectively appropriates and imitates cultural styles without genuine immersion or understanding.


      Kendrick Lamar’s lyrical critique in “Not Like Us” further underscores these themes. Lamar implicates Drake in instances where he allegedly leverages collaborations with artists like Future, Lil Baby, and 21 Savage to bolster his artistic credibility. 


      Lamar’s portrayal suggests a transactional relationship with the rap community, wherein Drake opportunistically seeks validation and financial gain without demonstrating a sincere commitment to the cultural roots from which he draws inspiration. 


      Lamar’s narrative draws a crucial distinction between authentic collaboration and exploitative appropriation, foregrounding the importance of genuine engagement and respect within the culture. Thus, the discourse surrounding Drake’s cultural identity extends beyond his biracial heritage to encompass broader questions of authenticity and ethical artistic practice within the hip-hop sphere.


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++ DSYF, by Idris Elba. ++

G-STAR x Burna Boy – On Form.

SigmaCarta: by Dean Okai Snr.






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