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Julian Cole
London., England, United Kingdom.

@africamonetary The science is clear: Empirical evidence and an overwhelming 99% of scientists unequivocally agree that human-induced greenhouse gas emissions is the primary driver of climate change.


Central to the discourse around fossil fuels are the myriad environmental issues stemming from their use. These issues, exacerbated by their escalating use, involve conditions such as acid rain, oil spills, air pollution, smog, climate change & global warming, coral bleaching, glacial melting, rising sea levels, etc.


The combustion of fossil fuels precipitates the release of enormous amounts of atmospheric pollutants, including nitrogen oxides and sulfur oxides, culminating in the increase of acid rain formations.


Acid rain can destroy vegetation, lead to soil and waterway contamination, and have adverse impacts on environmental biodiversity. On a human impact level, air pollution caused by the burning of fossil fuels engenders severe health problems, including respiratory ailments and carcinogenic risks.


Another impact to the environment is smog formation. Smog can be a problem in large cities areas, such as in India, and contributes to low visibility and “dirty skies.”


If we look at empirical evidence – economic, environmental, social and human, listen to what scientists have to say, [including the most impacted communities]; the best way to move forward is by keeping fossil fuels in the ground, and accelerating a just transition towards a clean, just ‘community-led’ future for all.



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