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Julian Cole
London., England, United Kingdom.

A very detailed article on the issues of knife crime @SUCULTURE.


There are concerns regarding Government’s approach to tackling knife crime. It’s clear that serious youth violence, including knife crime, is symptomatic of deeper socio-economic issues that have been exacerbated by years of cuts to public services.


It is mind-boggling to see how the government can merely arrest and sentence their way out of this crisis, while not effectively addressing the underlying issues.


Moreover, the statistics highlighting the disproportionate targeting of young Black men through stop and search are deeply troubling and indicative of systemic biases within law enforcement. Before any extension of stop and search powers is considered, it is imperative that this disproportionality is addressed head-on.


In addition to addressing the imbalance in stop and search practices, there is a pressing need for education and awareness campaigns to inform young people of their rights when stopped and searched. Empowering individuals with this knowledge is essential in ensuring accountability and preventing potential abuses of power.


I would argue that, establishing clear mechanisms for submitting complaints about the conduct of stop and search procedures is crucial in holding law enforcement officers accountable and fostering trust between communities, and the police.


Ultimately, addressing knife crime and serious youth violence requires a multi-faceted approach that addresses the root causes of these issues while simultaneously ensuring fairness, accountability, and respect for the rights of youths who are most affected.





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